What does IP57 mean?

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Oticon hearing aids are rigorously tested to ensure a robust design that can be used for an active life and to withstand everyday activities. Therefore our instruments are not only developed with intelligent mechanical design – including barriers to prevent water, dust and debris from getting inside the instruments – but several components are also nano-coated to repel moisture and water.

Oticon hearing aids now have achieved the IP57 classification.

What does IP57 mean?

The IP Code (Ingress Protection Rating) classifies and rates the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects, dust, accidental contact, and water in mechanical casings and with electrical enclosures.

The IP classification is made up by two digits each representing a protection level for dust and water. “5” means that the instrument is protected from the amount of dust that would interfere with normal operation. “7” represents a state in which the instrument is protected against immersion in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 metre (3 feet).

Moreover, to determine the resistance of the hearing aid to the effect of commonly used substances, we let the products undergo stressful tests exposed to sun lotion, vegetable oils, sunlight, dust under high humidity and varying temperatures.

Water resistant, not waterproof

It is important to note that the IP57 rating does not mean that Oticon hearing devices are waterproof. Users should therefore not wear their hearing devices while showering, shampooing, swimming or diving as they are not designed for these kinds of activities. In addition, the IP57 rating does not include salt water, chlorinated water, soap or other liquids with a chemical content.

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