Evolution of the hearing aids,

Oticon - A world leader in hearing care since 1904

When Hans Demant founded Oticon in the early 1900s he had no long-term plan, nor any master strategy for conquering the world. His goal was simple and far closer to home: his wife Camilla had a hearing impairment and he dearly wanted to help. Hans and Camilla had visited prominent doctors in both Vienna and Berlin in the hopes of finding a solution, but the consultations were fruitless. Neither surgery nor technology promised any improvement. In Denmark it was well known that King Christian IX’s daughter Alexandra, Princess of Wales, had a hearing loss. When she became Queen of England in 1902 she used an Acousticon electrical hearing aid at the Coronation, and word about its benefi ts soon spread. Thanks to a friend in England, Hans Demant also heard about ‘the royal hearing aid’ and during the winter of 1903 he crossed the North Sea to bring one home for his wife. And it turned their lives around, not only personally but also professionally.

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