Sensei Pro All models

Sensei Pro All models

Empower children at every stage of childhood

By giving them what they need to advocate for themselves

Every child deserves the best future possible and children
with hearing loss are no exception. Indeed, that is why we
have defined an Audiological Mission that has guided the
development of Oticon Sensei: A better future for every
child with hearing loss

Family Features
❍❍ Speech Guard E
❍❍ SmartFit™ Trainer
❍❍ EasyRECD™
❍❍ VoicePriority i™
❍❍ Inium feedback shield
❍❍ Multi-band Adaptive Directionality
❍❍ TriState Noise Management
❍❍ 10 kHz Fitting Bandwidth
❍❍ Binaural Synchronization
❍❍ Binaural Coordination
❍❍ LED status indicator
❍❍ IP57 Classification: dust and
water resistant
❍❍ T-coil
❍❍ AutoPhone Program
❍❍ Music Program
❍❍ ConnectLine enabled
❍❍ Power Bass (Streaming)
❍❍ Music Widening (Streaming)
❍❍ FM and DAI input option
❍❍ FM compatibility filter
❍❍ FM Super Silencer
❍❍ Soft, moderate and loud gain adjustment
❍❍ DSL v5.0a m[i/o], NAL-NL2, NAL-NL1
❍❍ Flexible miniFit Receiver system
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