Chili SP5 BTE

Chili SP5 BTE

Oticon Chili is a discreet super power instrument designed to meet the special and diverse needs of people with greater hearing losses, ranging from moderately-severe to profound. The slim durable 13 battery based BTE style offers prompt control and visual volume indication.Powered by the RISE 2 platform, Chili applies Speech Guard signal processing
to optimally preserve vital speech dynamics for the individual. Chili offers second generation wireless onnectLine support for phone, mobile and TV use as well as full conventional FM/DAI and T-coil connectivity.
  • Details

    Family Features
     Speech Guard
     Spatial Noise Management
     Binaural Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 2 (DFC2)
     Binaural Processing
     Binaural Synchronisation
     Binaural Push Button Coordination
     My Voice
     Multi Band Adaptive Directionality
     AutoPhone program
     Analogue volume control with mute
     Program button with mute
     Memory (datalogging)
     Streamer & ConnectLine options
     Power Bass
     Music Widening
     DAI and FM option
     DSEsp, DSL v5.0a m[i/o], NAL RP and NAL-NL1 rationales
     Overall loudness trimmer
     In-situ audiometry
     nEARcom Cordless enabled
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