Aries 13 BTE

Aries 13 BTE

This is a Basic level Hearing aid
  • Details


    Fine Tuning

    Offers the flexibility of 4 channels and 4 bands (Aries) for precise levels of gain


    Environmental Adaptation
    Instantly applies variable noise adaptation in all channels as needed

    Provides up to 10dB of noise reduction
    - Identifies and adapts for low level environmental noise

    Active Feedback Intercept Virtually eliminates annoying feedback, prevents whistling and eliminates irritating artifacts.

    Adaptive Indicator Tones

    Unique tones for memory, low battery, volume and telephone. Automatically adjusts in noisy environments.

    Telephone Mode

    The telecoil program provides the optimal acoustic frequency response for telephone listening.

    Environmental Programs

    Up to 4 fully customizable programs available

    Accessible via the program button on the device

    Wide variety of environmental programs available