Classroom FM has never been easier

Modern FM solutions

Oticon’s Amigo FM system comprises three components:

  • Microphone

  • Transmitter

  • Receiver

The microphone picks up the teacher’s voice, and the transmitter sends it directly to the child’s receiver for amplification in the hearing aids. With direct access to the speech signal, children can use their energy not just on trying to hear, but on understanding what is actually being said.


Whenever noise, distance and reverberation are present, even the best hearing instruments need an extra FM boost. Whether it’s in a classroom, living room or leisure centre, Oticon’s Amigo FM system bridges the distance between teacher and child and significantly improves the signal-to-noise ratio by sending the signal directly to the child’s ears.

Integrated into Oticon Sensei, VoicePriority i ™ automatically adjusts the gain of the incoming FM signal to optimise the signal to noise level at the child’s ear. This advanced adaptive FM strategy instantly responds to changing noise levels, ensuring consistent speech recognition wherever the child is located. And the more a child understands, the better her learning opportunities.


To make sure that students avoid missing out on any words when shifting attention between the teacher and a fellow student, Voice Priority i™ activates and deactivates almost instantaneously, depending on the noise level at the child’s ear. Attack and release times as fast as 30 and 600 ms respectively ensure that the child can hear both teacher and classmates. This is important because children acquire significant learning from each other during class – both from direct conversations and from incidental learning. With VoicePriority i ™ the teacher’s voice is amplified without compromising relevant information from the child’s surroundings.

Clear benefits

The Amigo FM family offers benefits at every level:

  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • Highly reliable

  • LED indicator confirms that the child is receiving a clear signal

  • Simple, on-the-spot programming – no need for PCs and extra cables

  • Discreet receivers that stay in place

  • Clear, authentic sound quality for optimum speech understanding

  • Fully compatible with hearing aids, cochlear implants and bone-anchored solutions

  • Robust and built to last

  • Improved speech recognition with Oticon Sensei's VoicePriority i™

Amigo FM is the ideal partner to Oticon Sensei