What about the after sales services?

  • Hearing aid servicing and programming is done free even after the warranty period, so you only have to spend on the accessories.
How about fine tuning, when I need to get my hearing aid adjusted how much would that cost?
  • We make sure that you get the most comfortable fitting no matter how many fine tuning sessions it takes. We offer them complimantary.
What are those Dry capsules Hearing aid servicing and programming is done free even after the warranty period, so you only have to spend on the accessories.? Why should we use them?
  • Those are moisture absorbing materials. They will absorb the moisture for e.g. sweat  that had gone inside the hearing aid during the time you use them and protect it from corrosion. 
Do we have to consult an ENT Surgeon before getting a hearing aid?
  • Not necessarily. We refer you to an ENT surgeon if your hearing tests indicate its necessity
If I were to get hearing aids for a child, what would be the procedure?
  • Fitting hearing aids for children is a very tedious task. You need special types of tests to test their hearing and see if the hearing aid is giving benefit for them. All of these tests are available with us. We are one of the few if not the only company who do these tests.
Do you have hearing aids that are very small that they are nearly invisible?
  • Yes we do. Those hearing aids are called IIC. They go deep inside the ear and are not seen. You must keep in mind that it has to be suitable for your hearing loss.


Do you have hearing aids? How much will it cost?
  • Yes. We do. We have a wide price range beginning from Rs.25,000
Do you have fully digital hearing aids? And how much do they cost?
  • Fully digital hearing aids start from Rs.35,000.
So what do you have for 25,000?
  • It is a semi digital hearing aid.
What is the different between semi digital and fully digital hearing aids?
  • Fully digital hearing aids are like computers that process sounds and sends it in to the ear for better clarity. Semi digital hearing aids have analog processing which amplifies all sounds to the same extent and is only adjusted with trimmers. These do not provide precise amplification for YOUR hearing. 
What are the brands that you have?
  • We have 2 brands. One is Oticon and the other is Starkey. Oticon is the oldest hearing aid brand in the world, initiated as early as 1904. Starkey is made in the USA and is a front runner in the latest hearing aid technology. 
Can we come and buy hearing aids without the patient? What is the process?
  • No. you have to bring the patient here. Not all hearing aids are suitable for everyone. After the hearing test, we need to trial different hearing aids to find out which model provides the best hearing.  If it’s not possible we provide home visit facility within the Colombo area. 
How much will the hearing test and trial cost?
  • It’s complementary
Do you give warranty for hearing aids?
  •  Yes of course!   We provide a 2 year warranty for all digital hearing aid and a 1 year warranty for semi digital hearing aids. 

What about other damages and what policy do you have for other damages?

  • We have fixed price for major and minor repairs within the warranty period. A new hearing aid also can be replaced with the damaged one under the fixed rate. The damaged hearing aid is most often replaced with a new hearing aid so you don’t have a wait during the repair period.