EAR Anatomy 

To understand hearing loss it is important to know how our ear works and how we ear sounds.The ear is made up of three main sections: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. The two main parts of the outer ear are the pinna (a) and the ear canal (b). Sound waves enter the ear canal and travel towards the eardrum (c). When the sound reaches the eardrum, it vibrates - just like a real drum does when you hit it. 


When these vibrations reach the middle ear, three tiny bones called the ossicles (also known as the hammer (d), anvil (e) and stirrup (f)) begin to vibrate. They amplify the sound even more.


When the sound waves reach the inner ear, they enter the cochlea (g). This looks like the circular shell of a snail.Inside, there is a system of tubes filled with fluid.


The sound vibrations make this fluid move, and thousands of tiny hair cells are set in motion. They transform the vibrations into electrical impulses,which travel along the auditory nerve

to the brain. The brain interprets these signals, and that is how we hear!