Help Your Child to Communicate


With the correct guidance your child will be able to communicate just like everyone else. It is important that we put communication first because it may cause frustration if he/she is unable to ask for their basic needs. The first step is improving your child's hearing ability with the help of hearing aids and implantable devices. Then the real work begins. Most parents expect their child to start speaking and understanding words as soon as the devices are fitted. This is virtually impossible and depends upon a lot of factors. Can you understand a foreign language that you have never heard before? Well, this is the same for your child. Speech is something new. It takes training and hard work to make sense of speech. If the amplification device was fitted much later on then the situation is much more complex as the child has lost many years of speech input.


Our kids will need all the help they can get. Their most important learning ground is home and the most important teacher is their mother. The learning should not stop after school or after speech therapy. It is an ongoing 24 hour process till he/she learns to use language. Enrolling your child in a special school and leaving it at that just won't do. Your ultimate goal is to one day integrate your child in a normal school.  Regular speech therapy and special education and the hard work you put at home will make your hopes and dreams for your child a reality.