How Important is Hearing for Your Child?

Children use their hearing ability to develop their language skills in order tocommunicate. But a hearing loss can make communication difficult. We start to develop language from the moment we are born. At first, babies only make crying, sneezing, yawning, and coughing sounds. Even though they haven’t yet learned to talk, they are constantly listening. A new-born baby can soon recognize its mother’s

voice. If a child has a hearing loss the basic development of language will often be delayed. 



Communication is required for all aspects of life. We communicate using language. If a child has inadequate language it will affect his education, socialization and cognitive development, basically his/her entire life. Research has shown that many children with a profound hearing loss can also learn to speak if they are diagnosed relatively early. They often are, because the signs of hearing loss are more obvious than within the milder categories of hearing loss.So the earlier the hearing loss is detected and the earlier it is treated,the better. With today’s technology, children can be fitted with hearing aids within the first few weeks or months after birth.